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Product Information

Model: NL-8300 Series
Product Category: Desktop POS
Data type:  
Reading Mode:  
Interface: RS232
Wireless: GPRS/CDMA/Modem

NL-8300 is the first hand-held wireless mobile POS in China. It is good at innovative design, superior performance, compact and lightweight. Also it support wireless module (GPRS/CDMA), high speed MODEM and printer, fully have the function of financial card (magcard/IC) electronic transfer. It is the good choice for financial networking payment; also it is the good choice for mobile paying domain, visiting payment service and date collection.

Feature Highlights

  • Pass the EMV Level 1/2 and PBOC 2.0 Level 1/2 authentication
  • Support multi applications
  • Battery capacity 2100mAH, can consecutive print more than 200 time, stand-by time also can more than 60 hours.
  • Support wireless communication (GPRS/CDMA)
  • Ownership of intellectual property rights about the advanced software/hardware platform, insure the quality of POS is jarless, trade speed is high and can support multi applications.

  • Application


    Configure Model
















     RS232 + Modem






     RS232+ GPRS + Modem






     RS232+ CDMA + Modem

  • NL-8300 adopts dual-CPU structure. Main CPU is 32 bit ARM7 RISC. The standard memories are 512K RAM and 4M Flash. RAM for computing programs and Flash for restoring program and transaction data.
  • NL-8300 support Modem, GPRS, CDMA communication. Standard configuration are RS232 (for program download), Modem (optional Async 33.6Kbps, Sync 1200/2400bps), GPRS 900/1800MHz (optional 800/1900MHz). CDMA 800MHz (optional 900/1800/1900MHz).
  • NL-8300 provides 1 magnetic reader, 2 IC readers and 2 SAM card slots. The magnetic reader supports bio-direction and 1/2/3 track reading, conforming ISO 7810/7811/7812. Two IC readers are semi-embedded and embedded each, conforming ISO7816, EMV2000 approved. The SAM card slots conforms ISO7816.
  • NL-8300 provides thermal printer character, graphic and barcode printable. The speed is 60mm/s,life-span up to 50 Km. User interface includes: 128×64 LCD with backlight, 12 numeric and alphabet keys, 8 function keys and 1 power key. It can endure 1.2m drop.

  • GPRS / CDMA / Modem
    The embedded GPRS/CDMA/Modem wireless module enables data exchanging with the server. Connection via RS232 is also supported.

    Application Developing Kit——NL-8300 SDK
    NL-8300 adopts Newland patented RTOS, Nos. It featured with real-time multi-tasks, flash file system, embedded TCP/IP/PPP protocol and embedded lib.

    NL-8300 SDK provides programming platform, development tools and guides for application development. ARM2.50 programming platform works with WIN9X/ME/XP/2000 and ANSI C programming language. SDK includes guide for developing and downloading applications to NL-8300, demos, and remote firmware (BIOS) update information.





    32 bits RISC chip


    512KB bytes

    Flash Memory

    4M bytes Flash


    Can display year, month, day, hour, minute, second

     Card reader

    Meet the standard of ISO7810, ISO7811 and ISO7812. Can read ISO 1/2/3
    track, support double way swiping.


    128*64 LCD, using EL uniform backlight, can adjust contrast, display standard ASCII character, international GB18030/GB2312 Chinese ideograph and graphics document.


    12 number/alphabet button, 6 functional host-key.There are so many buttons, such as up, down, menu, 10 numbers (0-9), * and #, cancel, backspace and enter button. Some of them can be multiplex, like * and., # and alphabet,
    menu and power. Also can support combination key.

     Character Database

    Build-in GB18030 international large character set Chinese character database.

     IC Card

    Support two card can read and write CPU card and memory card which meet the standard of ISO7816, support Chinese financial IC card criterion, and
    meet the EMV standard.

     PSAM Card

    Support two PSAM card, can read and write the CPU card which can meet the standard of ISO 7816, support Chinese financial IC card criterion.

    Outside Interface

    One RS232 serial port


    Support thermal print, can print the graphics and many kinds of barcode. Using width 58MM thermal printer paper, Easy to reload the paper.


    RS232 serial port: serial transfer rate is 1200-115200bps; the parameter of communication can set by the user. Base transfer rate is 57600bps.
    Wire Modem: can install in POS or base,synchronization is 1200BPS, asynchronism is 1200/2400BPS.
    Wireless modem (option): built-in wireless modem, support GPRS and
    Infrared: Between POS and base, transfer rate 57600bps.


    Battery capacity 2100mAH, can consecutive print more than 200 time, stand-by time also can more than 60 hours.

    Working environment

    Temperature: 0°C-+50°C           Relative humidity: 5%-95%


    216mm(L) *  83mm(W) * 50mm(H)



    Encryption and Security

    Support DES/3DES encryption, support ASNI X9.9 and ANSI X 9.8

    Development Environment

    C language meet the standard of ANSI, development platform under the

    Document system

    Perfect chronological file system, blacklist document system.

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