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Newland and Datalogic (Italy) sign the Cooperative Strategy Framework Agreement



In November 11th, Fujian Newland Computer Co., LTD. and Datalogic SpA.(Italy) formally sign the Cooperative Strategy Framework Agreement in Beijing International Hotel.

The Italian company, DATALOGIC is a global renowned AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection) enterprise, which was set up in 1972. DATALOGIC was quoted on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001; the company is the leader of global AIDC industry and European industry and business application.

Newland Computer Co., Ltd. is the famous comprehensive enterprise of “internet of things” in China, which combines core technology of “internet of things”, industry application and business model innovation together. Newland was set up in 1994, and listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2000, and it is one of the leaders in barcode reading industry and business application in China.

At present, the global economy is recovering, the Chinese economy is in rapid growth and “internet of things” industry is still growing vigorously, both Newland and DATALOGIC are very much aware that both companies should share complementary advantages, effective resource integration and comprehensive cooperation in technology, product and markets, in order to achieve win-win situation and promote rapid industrial growth, the result will bring positive and far-reaching effects to the global development of “internet of things” and auto-identification industry.

Both companies will formally sign the 《Cooperative Strategy Framework Agreement between Fujian Newland Computer Co., LTD. and Datalogic SpA.(Italy) 》in the press conference, begin the process of strategic cooperation, which includes the following 4 aspects:

1.Newland will complete its domestic product portfolio with DATALOGIC’s excellent high quality products; meanwhile, DATALOGIC will also launch a program to incorporate the 2D barcode reading engine and other products of Newland into some of its products.

2.Both companies will choose appropriate products line to carry out product upgrade research and development and manufacturing transfer through the product research and development and manufacturing platform of Newland.

3.Both companies will achieve mutual complementary and rapid promotion in the future development of technology, products and application models of 2D barcode (including 1D barcode), and create effective competition in the industry.

4.Both companies will further discuss the cooperation on the capital level on the basis above.

In particular, during the global financial crisis, Newland take the initiative in making a series of international operation and achieved remarkable results. In June, 2008, Newland America Inc was set up in the United States; in March, 2009, Newland Europe BV was set up in Holland, and in July, 2009, formally approved by the National Ministry of Commerce,Newland became the first company form China Mainland to invest in Taiwan and establish the Newland Taiwan Inc.

The strategic cooperation between Newland and DATALOGIC will make an important step forward in internationalization of Newland and creates important opportunity for DATALOGIC to vigorously develop the Chinese market.

Looking into the future, the industry of “internet of things” will receive unprecedented development opportunity. Today, it is our honor to witness together with you, the critical step of Newland in technology development and the historical moment of strategic cooperation between Newland and international advanced enterprise, we are deeply honored. We are looking forward to introducing the ”created in China” to the world with the support and help form government and colleague companies in the industry, expanding and strengthening the Chinese “internet of things” industry, and discovering the real Newland in the era of “internet of things” which belongs to China.

About Newland:
Fujian Newland Computer Co., Ltd.
was founded in 1994. After first 15 years of fast growing, it has become a famous top 500 IT high-tech and top 100 software enterprise in China. Newland is one of the few financial IT service providers in mainland China’s market which combines peripheral products, hard- & software to total solution solutions. Newland seizes the opportunity of fast growing mobile communication, identification & payment solution markets and provides excellent service to its customers.
Since August 2000 Newland is a listed company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Ticker Code: 000997) with a market cap of over 1 Billion US Dollar.
Newland is one of the worlds fasted growing AIDC companies. Years of focused researched and development in the field of 1D and 2D barcode decoding technology have made NL one of the few companies in the world which masters and owns this core-technology.

Newland’s Overseas Companies:
Newland North America Inc.                                        Fremont Ca,   United States
Newland Europe BV                                                        Druten,      The Netherlands
Newland Taiwan Inc.                                                      Taipei,                Taiwan

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Newland and Datalogic sign the Cooperative Strategy Framework Agreement
In November 11th, Fujian Newland Computer Co., LTD. and Datalogic SpA.(Italy) formally sign the Cooperative Strategy Framework Agreement in Beijing International Hotel.

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