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Premier Wen Jiabao visiting Newland



Premier WEN Jiabao, together with other local leaders visited Newland Science & Technology Park in Maiwei Fuzhou. Accompany by the Chairman Mr. HU Gang and the CEO Ms. WANG Jing, after general introduction of Newland’s core business, they went to the exhibition room to watch the video displaying technical innovation achieved by Newland Environment Protection Technology Ltd. They are the large-scale algae removal equipments, the air disinfection machines and the water-cleaners. Premier gave his high praise for the leading edge technique and outstanding contribution in SARS and after earthquake.

Then they visited the Second floor for IT applications: 2D Barcode, SOC sample, tax control products, digital TV decoders and products in finance, mobile communication as well as expressway. Premier WEN participated in the demonstration of animal information tracing by operating the data collector himself. Newland people told premier that these were the technical applications in animal husbandry and food safety under the government’s priority support. Premier WEN said that it was relative to people’s welfare, therefore should be deal with carefully.

Finally the premier gave a 15 minutes speech. He said: “I am very pleased to see that most of the staffs in Newland are young and enthusiastic. I would like to say something. 

The most important effect of this financial crisis is on our real economy with tough outside economic environment and shrinking market share. The government has carried out a package of economic stimulating plan. It includes four aspects: firstly to increase investment in infrastructural construction; secondly to regulate and promote the ten industries; thirdly to emphasize technology innovation; fourthly to improve the social security system. It is an integrity solution considering both current and long-term situation. From the previous four month, we have seen the economic condition changing positively and towards good direction. This means the policies and measures adopted by the government are effective. Although the economic data of April has not been announced, but I should say the economic are improving stably to the right direction. On the other hand the difficult we faced from outside is not optimistic and our stimulation plan doesn’t have significant effect for a while. Therefore under such condition, my point is our enterprises should have a foothold on innovation for economic growth. 

After looking around, I have noticed that Newland catches the new growth point. That is IT industry and environment protection which may also be future competitive focus. If we can occupy the front quickly and lead the top, we will have one step ahead in economic development. To accomplish this we must rely on the young people here; rely on a strong R&D team; rely on your wisdom, diligence as well as striving spirit. It is foresight to increase investment for both nation and enterprises. We should invest in scientific research manufacture of new products and patents for the future. I hope you keep in mind our nation’s interest at all time and take it as a good starting point in research.

We should take a closer and deeper look at the economy. The key point for China to survive is technology, talent and quality people. This is again back to the central government’s decision to speed up development of West Coast Strait Economic Zones. I have emphasized that the outside condition can easily be adjusted, but talent people and innovative work is the foundation. The West Coast Strait Economic Zone develops from a high starting point. There is close correlation among reform, open-up and innovation. They are all about emancipation which alleviate burden on people inside administration system during innovation. Then the creativity of human will spurt. The fundamental way to speed up the economic is to promote development of people and society harmonically. I talked about confidence both in domestic and abroad in the beginning of the economic crisis, since I believe confidence is far more important than the gold and currencies. Few months later I talked about hope, saying it like a light which illuminate direction from our hearts. We must strengthen our confidence and fore ahead with hope. Only by this way our nation, our country is to have great chance.” 

The premier looked at the Newland people affectionately during whole speech. And in response, the employees also return eager eyes contact and warm applause. At the end Premier WEN had a group photo taken after cordial talk with oversea staffs and technical talent. 


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Premier Wen Jiabao visiting Newland
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