Newland President Ms. Wang Jing joined China-Germany Economic Advisory Committee CEO Roundtable



China-Germany Economic Advisory Committee helda CEO Roundtable  and premier  forum  at the Great Hall of People in Beijing on June.13th.  Total 14 Chinese entrepreneurrepresentatives  of China- Germany Economic Advisory Committee were invited to attendthe forum, like the President of Newland Hi-Tech Group, Ms. Wang Jing,  and the Chairman of ICBC, Mr. Jiang Jianqing,  and the General Manager of China Railway, etc.This is the seventh time Ms. Wang Jing attended the China-German Premier and entrepreneur forum.

As learnt, the economist Li Daokui made a special report on “The new normal of China’seconomy” at the Roundtable. The representatives from Chinese and German economic circles made in-depth communications on various subjects like the Chinese economy development, China-Germany cooperation opportunity, China-Germany creative cooperation,  similar industry  process  developing strategies between Madein China 2025 and German Industry 4.0 and etc. Ms. Wang Jing was invited tojoin the welcome lunch held for German Chancellor Angela Merkel prepared by Chinese Premier Mr. Li Keqiang.

Background Information:

China-Germany Economic Advisory  Committee  (Hereafter called “Advisory Committee)  was established  based on  the second round  of intergovernmental  consultations signedin  Peking on  August.30th.2012.  During Chinese Premier Mr. Li Keqiang’s visit  to the  Germany  on May. 2013, the Advisory Committee was officially announced established.  The Advisory Committee was vividly called the “Second Track”for boosting China-Germany business relations by Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping and Chinese Premier Mr. Li Keqiang. 
The “AdvisoryCommittee” is comprised of celebrities and famous scholars from Chinese and German economic circles and they are representing every aspects of the economicfields.

Chinese Entrepreneurs Representatives List:

1.    Mr.Jiang Jianqing   Chairman of the Board ofICBC, Chairman of Chinese Economic Advisory Committee

2.    Mr.Sheng Guangzu  GM of China Railway

3.    Mr.Cao Peixi       GM of China Huaneng Group

4.    Mr.Lu Chun       Chairman of China ThreeGorges Corporation

5.    Mr.Cui Dianguo    Chairman of CRRC

6.    Mr.Xu Heyi       Chairman of BAIC Group

7.    Mr.Chen Derong    GM of Bao Steel Group

8.    Ms.Sun Yafang     Chairman of HuaweiTechnologies Co.,Ltd

9.    Mr.Zhao Xianming  Chairman & Presidentof ZTE Corporation

10.  Mr.Zhong Yu      Chairman of Kangde Group

11.  Mr.Xu Jinghong    Chairman of Tsing Hua Holdings Co.,Ltd

12.  Ms.Wang Jing      President of Newland Hi-Tech Group

13.  Mr.Cao Kebo      Chairman of Jiang Nan MPTCo.,Ltd

14.  Mr.Li Daokui      Head of Schwarzma Scholarsat Tsinghua University

Part of German EntrepreneursRepresentatives List:

1.      Mr. Hubert Lienhard    Chairman of Vioth Group, Chairman of German Economic Advisory Committee

2.      Mr.Joe Kaeser          Chairman of Siemens Group

3.      Mr. Matthias Müller   Chairman of Volkswagen Group

4.      Dr. Kurt Bock          Chairman of BASF SE

5.      Mr. Rüdiger Grube      Chairman of Deutsche Bahn AG

6.      Dr.Heinrich Hiesinger  Chairman of Thyssenkrupp Corp.

7.      Mr.Harald Krüger       Chairman of BMW Group

8.      Mr. Carsten Spohr     Chairman of Lufthansa

9.      Dr. Rudolf Staudigl  Chairman of Wacker Chemie AG

10.Mr. Axel Schweitzer    Chairman of ALBA Group

11.Ms. Julia Schnitzler   GM of Strassburger Filter GmbH & Co. KG

12.Mr. John Bogle   Director of Max Bögl Group

13.Mr. Christian Seifert   GM of DFL




Newland President Ms. Wang Jing joined China-Germany Economic Advisory Committee CEO Roundtable
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